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I am terminating my law practice.  I am not accepting new clients.  I am often not in the office.  I expect to completely close this office by May of 2016.  

Dave and Co-Counsel


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     A description of Litigation of International Disputes in U.S. Courts, Thomson West, publisher, 2d Edition, published October, 2005.  Updated semi-annually since March 2009.

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We live life through labels.  Lawyers in particular make their living "hawking" the label that will work best for their client. A label is, at best, only an incomplete and indirect way of looking at something.  The label filters and distorts your experience. To recite a famous analogy ... it is like looking at the reflection of the moon on a clear lake. Would it not be better to look at the moon directly. Do not distance your mind from life by using labels.

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